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All About

AtlantisFiber History

Starting in 2013, research and development began in an attempt to find a solution that would help to improve upon the environmental impact and aid in the long-term resiliency of concrete. Our extensive research suggested that polymetric scrap tire fiber (PSTF) would be a strong candidate in significantly increasing the durability of concrete – helping to lower the concrete industry's carbon footprint by extending the useful life of all concrete applications for which PSTF is incorporated.

Though fiber reinforced concrete is not a new concept in the concrete industry, our novel approach - which incorporates a problematic waste stream from one industry (tire industry) and converts it into a value-added, performance-enhancing additive in another – creates a significant win/win for both industries by simultaneously improving their respective environmental impacts.

We sought out the best scientific and engineering minds possible to help us bring our vision to light and to date have accomplished measurable improvements in both shrinkage crack control and secondary reinforcement in concrete. We have also started R&D on additional applications outside of the concrete industry and initial results are very promising! Stay tuned-in to the AtlantisFiber™ blog here.

AtlantisFiber Vision

We are driven to provide an environmentally sustainable solution that will measurably improve and add resiliency to every concrete application for which our fiber is utilized. As importantly, we provide this solution in a very cost-effective manner making AtlantisFiber truly one of a kind in the marketplace.


Respect. Professionalism. Perseverance. These are the core values that define AtlantisFiber’s culture and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business.


We consistently strive to create exceptional value for our customers by providing what they need, when they need it and at a price point that cannot be beaten.


Ideas, technology and people have created a monumental impact on our world today. We believe leadership means providing industry, society, and the communities in which we serve, a viable roadmap towards the future which simply must include sustainable business practices at their core.